How I Will Help Tell The Story of Your Child Through    Emotional and Sensitive Portraiture



Our babies anlucas-4774d children are one of the greatest treasures that we will ever have. Time passes quickly, but we can preserve these tender moments, love and emotions you have now.  Yes, a beautiful portraiture of your baby and children is priceless – but a picture you do not like for whatever reason is worthless! At Charlie Crumpler Photography, we guarantee that you will “cry tears of joy” with your portraits –  because we will use the same care and love, as if we were photographing our own children! From newborn thru childhood,  we will photograph all those precious details, preserving their sweetness and innocence, creating a timeless portrait of these precious times for you as a parent. This is the reason we are baby and children photographers!



Charlie, How do you create those beautiful portraits of children that I have seen?

One of our specialities is Fine Children Portraiture. Unfortunately many photographers do not like working with children, and it show in their pictures. To create a beautiful portrait of your child, takes special planning and consideration. We work with children everyday that are nervous about being  in front of a camera and in a different environment that is outside their comfort zone. Through our system, we help them through it all and make it fun for them, which results in their portraits looking fantastic!

Maternity & Newborn Photography

Expecting a new addition is an exciting time of you and your family’s life! What a better way to preserve these memories than a maternity session? We recommend having your session done during the 8th month of pregnancy. This is when the “baby


bump ” will be the fullest. Although the expectant mother will be the star of this session, we encourage the daddy and siblings to be a part of this session.  When your new bundle of joy arrives, we recommend having the newborn session before the baby is 14 days old. As a newborn photographer, we love creating portraits that will make you cry tears of joy when you see them! The Baby Steps Photography Plan,  maybe of interest to you. This will document different stages of  your baby’s first year. Give us a call at 334-347-1300 so that we can help you with your maternity or newborn sessions. Be sure to check out our awesome Baby Steps Photography Plan .



 My Child Does Not Cooperate When I Try To Take  Their Picture – Will I Be Thrilled With Your Photographs?  

YES, that is our guarantee! Many times parents will make this statement. Then they are completely blown away with their portraits! Parents have actually called us “the baby whisperer”! Knowing that the baby/child is the star,  we work around them patiently,  doing whatever it takes! Sometimes, we even rescheduling for another day – at no extra charge – to create the portraits that you will love. Give us a call at 334-347-1300 to set up a time so that we may chat with you about designing your session. We will help you avoid The 7 Things To Watch Out For When Choosing your Baby (children) Photographer!

We absolutely guarantee that you will be THRILLED – NOT JUST SATISFIED or we will give all your money back.

Our belief is that if you are not absolutely thrilled then we did not do our job properly and we do not deserve to be paid. Its just that simple!